Alert: Zoning Change in Chase Oaks

The sober living facility at 7312 Stoney Point is requesting a variance to zoning to allow them to increase the number of adults living there from 8 to 15.

There have already been complaints about the number of cars parked on the street restricting traffic. An increase in residents at this address will likely increase the number of cars parked on the street.

The Board of Adjustments public hearing is Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 3:00 pm in the Building Inspections Training Room at Plano Municipal Center 1520 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074.

We need everyone who can to come to the public hearing on Tuesday. Lets let them know where we stand.

FAQ Section for Saturday, May 18th -

Chase Oaks Community Garage Sale Event


Why a Garage Sale in May? 


By having the COHA Board handle the promotion and advertising for a community garage sale, we will be able to significantly increase the number of potential buyers to visit your front yard sale. Participating neighbors have reported successful results from the previous nine years on the designated Saturday for Chase Oaks.


Is my family required to hold our individual garage sale on May 18, 2019 with our Chase Oaks neighbors?


No, you may choose your own dates throughout the year that best fits your schedule and complies with the City of Plano guidelines / ordinances for garage sales. 


Is there a central location or gathering point for everyone wishing to participate in the Chase Oaks sale?


No, there is not a central location. It is recommended that individual families hold their sale on their own front yard to avoid clogging the back-alley way entrances to individual driveways. Teaming up with your neighbors to hold a bigger sale in a front yard has worked well for numerous families in the past. 


Where do I get a garage sale permit from the City of Plano for my family for May 18th?  


Your permit from the city is FREE by applying online at  to fill out an application. Doing so will automatically add your address to the listings available on the  site where persons who are seeking to find week-end garage sales within the Plano city limits can find your address– which is also free advertising.  


You may also personally visit Plano City Hall at 1520 Avenue K to apply in person.


Eric Chamberlain / COHA Presidents

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Need a 2019 Sticker or Yard Sign?

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August Yard of the Month

James and Basma Wainerdi of 716 Shallow Creek Lane are the proud winners of our Chase Oaks Yard of the Month. The award recognition includes a $50 dollar dinner certificate from our sponsors Shuck n Jive, owned by John and Diane Kranz who also fellow home owners

July Yard of the Month

Chris and Stephanie Andries are the winners of our June Yard of the Month award and the $ 50 dinner certificate to Shuck n Jive.


The Andries are the original owners at 604 Forest Bend living here since 1992. Many of you who attended the Plano Variance Meeting on May 28th might have met Chris there as he was one of many speakers.


Congratulations to Chris and Stephanie. Please accept our gratitude for your many contributions to our Chase Oaks neighborhood

Homeowner Documents--- Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions -- Click Here

“Renting to Groups of People or Multiple Individuals is a Problem for the Homeowners of Chase Oaks”
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Chase Oaks Resident for 13 years

Your Chase Oaks Resident Fathom Real Estate Agent

Yard of the Month

Keith & Heather Broughton have been the home owners at 7317 Crenshaw since 2007. Their home is located at the corner of Crenshaw and Matilda.

Michael & Maria Guller moved from Fairview into their new home at 612 Mossycup Oak Drive in April of this year.

Many of you knew the former owners Joe & Jane Hellman who lived in Chase Oaks for quite awhile.


We are looking forward to recognizing many worthy COHA dues paying homeowners this year.

Each Yard of the Month winner’s home and yard will be featured on the Home Page of our web site at along with a family bio and their personal gardening tips. This gives all visitors to our web site an excellent first impression of the Chase Oaks Community.


Besides the prominent placement on the web site and the sign in their front yard for bragging rights, each winner will also receive a $ 50 gift certificate for dinner at Shuck-n-Jive Restaurant (located at 401 George Bush Freeway Richardson, Texas 75080). Our Chase Oaks homeowners, John and Diane Kranz of 633 Oakdale, are the proud owners of this award winning restaurant. Learn more about their superb food offerings by going to . COHA is excited to have Shuck-n-Jive offer the winner such a wonderful reward for their hard work in keeping their property at such a high level of attractiveness.

To be eligible for this recognition, the homeowner or resident must be a current dues paying member in the Chase Oaks Homeowners Association. COHA Board members and officers are ineligible for the Yard of the Month Award.

Susan and Eric Chamberlain are our 2018 Chair persons of our program. Please feel free to email them with your suggestions for the recognition of deserving homeowners.

*** Eric E Chamberlain /

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