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Winning Promotions for Your Business

With 516 homes and an estimated 1,910 residents, Chase Oaks is a prime local market for you to promote your company’s products and services at a low cost that will produce a real return on your investment.

  • Welcoming Packets – Janet Osorio hands out as many as six official welcoming packets a month to new residents who have moved into the community. A coupon from your company for a month’s free service or for a free sample to visit your business for its unique services and products for the first time will be a winning promotion opportunity for your company.

  • Community Big Events – Start planning now on how you would like to promote your business at this October’s FUN FEST and our new “Adult Social Event” to be held this summer. We are looking for sponsor’s door prizes to be given away with recognition over the public address system, newsletter, and web site. (Contact Barbara Cowens at for additional information.)

  • – Launched in 2009, the possibilities for advertising your company’s message to the Chase Oaks community are endless. Jose Osorio is an accomplished web master, who is building a powerful site that will allow for better communication with all of our residents. Our Ad rates allow your company an inexpensive opportunity to reach all of our residents and get the most for your advertising dollars.

  • Create a Tie In with Chase Oaks – Do you have a business sales promotion that already works? We want to work with the best companies that provide the most value for our neighbors. Contact us early because we want to concentrate all of our efforts with the best companies to benefit our community.

If you own a local business or have a friend’s business who you would recommend, please contact Barbara Cowens, our Business Community Relations Director, by email at for further information. Thank-you.

*** Eric E. Chamberlain COHA Co-President