Welcome Chase Oaks Newcomers!
COHA would like to extend a warm welcome to our new homeowners.... but we don't always know you're here!

For all new homeowners to Chase Oaks, please email us
at and give us a shout out.
We highly recommend that you go over to the free APP at to get instant feedback about the goings on
in Chase Oaks and Plano.

We are currently searching for volunteers to head up our
Welcoming Committee to replace two very good homeowners
who were transferred out of state. Unfortunately, the Welcome
Packets are unavailable until we can put new volunteers in

WELCOME PACKETS: If you are a Chase Oaks resident and
have an advertisement, business card or special coupon that
you would like to include in the COHA Welcome Packet given
to new residents, please contact us for more information. It's a
great way to introduce your business to new neighbors...and
it's FREE!