January 1, 2017

We need your help to keep

Oaks a great place to

live and to own your

family home.

The Chase Oaks Homeowners Association (COHA) invites you to become an active member! Our annual dues are $115 per owner occupied or rented household, renewable each January. Your participation helps to keep our HOA dues the lowest in Plano.

The volunteers within COHA work hard for the homeowners and residents of Chase Oaks;

  • Operates www.chaseoaksplano.com to keep the entire community informed about all crime watch bulletins, community events and the latest news

  • Negotiated with the City of Plano to cancel the walking trail extension which would have intruded on the homeowners’ privacy, their safety, and hurt our neighborhood’s property values along Water Oak Drive.

  • Reached an agreement with the City of Allen for the safety of our Water Oak Drive home owners from golf ball damage along hole number eight of the golf course. (Oakbrook Drive)

  • Beautification of our community through flowers, trees, lighting, mowing, and watering of our front entrance. Some 70% of COHA’s annual budgeted expenses are spent on the weekly maintenance of common areas. After two summers of drought, twenty new foster folly trees were planted this spring to replace those fosters that did not survive.

  • Lead the efforts for the neighborhood crime watch program, lost pets retrieval, and safety education.

  • Distributes an annual Resident Directory with contact information for dues paying members.

  • Runs an annual Community Garage Sale and a “Meet Your Neighbors” Golf Course Tour in June

  • The COHA 2016 Budget is available for review at www.chaseoaksplano.com .

Please note that all COHA Board Members, Officers, and Committee Members serve voluntarily and without pay. No homeowners’ dues are spent for meals or beverages at any COHA meetings. Your contribution through payment of COHA dues will help us to accomplish our goals of keeping property values high, promoting neighborhood safety, and providing activities for the entire community to enjoy participating in.  

We encourage you to become a member or renew your COHA membership to make a difference! Please call us with your questions, Co-Presidents Eric (214-460-5975) and Susan (972-517-8852) Chamberlain. Please email us at eechamberlain@digichamber.com.

Your 2017 payment of $ 115.00 COHA dues payment can be made via PayPal which can be found on our web site at www.chaseoaksplano.com .

Thank you for your assistance in helping to make Chase Oaks a great neighborhood for everyone’s families.

Eric & Susan Chamberlain / 2017 COHA Presidents

The 2014 Chase Directory is now available!

All information is updated through

March 15, 2014

Please send your corrections or additional information to


Password Protected for Privacy Concerns!


              Chase Oaks Boulevard

                 Street Name Change

We have reached out to our Plano City Council representatives about numerous homeowners’ concerns regarding the possible street name change after the Allen owned golf course changed its name to “The Courses at Watters Creek”.

Plano has a firm policy to not  change the names of street as it causes serious problems with the “911 Emergency Response System”.

As it stands now, there is nothing in the works from the City of Allen to request a name change for Chase Oaks Boulevard that runs directly in front of their golf club house.


 Five new corner ramps along the street corners of Water Oak, Oak Ridge, Vineyard, and Crenshaw


This work is to provide a trail connection along these streets to complete the Bluebonnet Trail for cyclists, runners, and walkers. New signage will also be installed by the Plano Parks Department to designate the new route. This trail connection was the 2011 compromise arrived between the City of Plano, home owners, and COHA which was to originally build a new trail directly behind the homes on the previously mentioned streets.

If you would like to review the bids for this work, please send mean email and I will send over the report. We can also email to youthe Memo with details from the Plano City Manager, Bruce Glasscock, about the final City Council and Parks Department decision.

Eric E. Chamberlain / COHA President


Final Trail Connection Wrap Up

Please click this link for the official City of Plano announcement regarding the year long trail connection issue.

With this final recommendation of the Plano Parks Department, the City of Plano City Council will not be widening the front side walks along the homes on Vineyard, Crenshaw, Water Oak and Oak Ridge.

Plano will be installing new signage along these streets and building new curbs to accommodate bicycles maneuvering between the trail entrances.

Please feel free to contact Amy Fortenberry, the Plano Parks Director, if you have concerns or questions.

Amy Fortenberry, CPRE

Director  City of Plano Parks and Recreation

972-941-7254 (office) / www.planoparks.org 



Chase Oaks Course Name Change

The above internet link is the official Press Release from the City of Allen.

Click this link to read the official COHA response emailed on August 13, 2012.


City of Allen Removes the Back Tees affecting Oakbrook Dr. and Sunkist Lane

After much discussion and work to fully state our case with the help of the news media last spring, the City of Allen agreed to not build two back tee boxes that would have placed six to ten homes in harm’s way for the first time along the old hole number seventeen.

Homeowners along Oakbrook Drive and Sunkist Lane banded together with one voice to state their case to protect their property and to insure the continued safe use of their back yards by all their family members.

While we did not win the conversion of the hole to the safest possible solution as a Par Three, the record has now been firmly established with the City of Allen if anyone does suffer a serious injury due to the close proximity of the golf course to the homeowners’ property and family members.

The City of Allen letter to the homeowners dated June 6, 2012 is available here.



Please contact us at COHA@digichamber.com if a house on your street has been abandoned leaving the yard (or swimming pool) in desperate shape. This summer, we worked with three former owners and the City of Plano to make the best of a bad situation. We need your help in being our eyes and ears to avoid a property from becoming a real eye sore in the neighborhood.



Have a new neighbor on your street? Please send an email to COHA@digichamber.com  so we can give them a big Chase Oaks welcome.


Hunting within the City Limits


(Reprinted from September 29th for those residents who have not registered their email address to receive the Chase Oaks email blasts concerning news and crime watch alerts.)

 If you live along the front nine of the golf course or have been walking the neighborhood in the afternoons, you have probably heard numerous shot gun blasts coming from about two tenths of a mile across the golf course.

 The shot gun blasts that you are hearing are actually dove hunters on the farm land adjacent to Connemara. One rumor is the land is part of the old Montgomery Farms ranch estate. The piece of land lies south of Bethany with 75 as the border on the east and with Connemara on the west. The south border of the land is directly next to the Chase Oaks golf course border.

Go to the Dallas Morning News web site to find an article about this new Texas State law. A couple of the local TV news stations have also run stories about the new law on the evening news.

 Dove Hunting Season in North Texas is from September 1 to October 24, 2012.

Advertise your Home Sale or Teenage Business

COHA is pleased to announce two new services for its 2011 dues paying members.


·         Selling Your Home?

Send us your complete write up with pictures in the body of an email. We will then send out a FREE email blast to the Chase Oaks community with your details about the house. This FREE advertising will expand the marketing of your home to other homeowner’s friends and relatives who have an interest in owning their own home in Chase Oaks. Only one home per week will be highlighted in the email blasts so get your information emailed to us at your earliest convenience.

·         Does your teenager have plans to make money this summer doing lawn work, pet sitting, washing cars, music lessons or babysitting? Send us your complete write up (with and art work or pictures) in the body of an email. We will send out one FREE email blast per week with the teenage start up business of the week. Again, the only requirement for this service is that the family has paid their COHA dues of $ 75 for 2011.

Send your emails to eechamberlain@digichamber.com .

Additional Speed Bumps on Baxter Drive


We have had numerous requests from homeowners to address the speeding from Vineyard Drive to Baxter Drive before the speed bumps begin.

We met with City officials in September and learned that the Plano City Council disbanded the program for speed bumps to decrease speeding on city streets in 2009.

The program was shut down due to costs and demand. The demand problem involved continuing disputes from Plano residents to remove the speed bumps due to damages to their vehicles. And then from other city residents, who wanted to have more speed bumps placed on the streets.

The City kept in place a program for “speed bumps in alley ways” which you can find below. This program was described to me as an “arduous process” by the official I met with.

COHA will continue to work with the Plano Police Department to have the “Speed Indicator Machine” placed on Baxter three times a year.



Program Description for “Alley Speed Bumps”

Alleys are a major component of the street system within residential area. Because of various design constraints surrounding residential alleys (i.e. fences, building lines, trees and shrubs), speeds in excess of 10 mph can present safety concerns. Because of this, the Alley Speed Bump Program was instituted in 1977 to address speeding concerns in alleyways.

Program Process

The process may be initiated by any City of Plano resident who may be experiencing a speeding problem in his/her alley or alley section. The resident who initiates the complaint will also serve as neighborhood sponsor. The process is initiated by calling the Transportation Engineering Division at (972) 941-7151. The process requires that a petition be circulated through the proposed area(s) that will be affected by the speed bump installation. One hundred percent (100%) of the residences along the proposed alley section should be notified and a successful petition must have 2/3rds of the residences in the survey area in favor of the installation. In addition, the residents will be required to pay for 2/3rds of the cost of the installation.

What Will Happen?

After being contacted by the neighborhood sponsor, the Transportation Engineering Division will do the following:

· Visit the complaint location to see the problem.

· Determine the placement locations of proposed alley bump(s), if recommended.

· Determine the petition area.

· Estimate the installation cost.

· Create a map of the area that includes the alley section.

All of the information, including the area map, petition area, cost, detail of a typical alley speed bump installation, and petition form will be mailed to the sponsor. The sponsor has 60 days to circulate the survey, gather the needed signatures, and submit the required amount to cover their portion of the installation. The neighborhood sponsor is contacted, and advised of the planned alley bump installation schedule.

What If I Want Alley Bumps Removed?

The alley bump removal procedure uses the same petition and survey area process as with installations. Existing bumps must have been in place for at least one (1) year before a removal process may be initiated. There is no cost for removal, once petition is approved.

Please contact the Transportation Engineering Division at (972) 941-7151 if you have any questions or need more information on the Alley Speed Bump Program.