An effective crime watch program is solely dependent on the active involvement of everyone in the community being on the lookout for suspicious activity.

If you see or have information about person(s) committing acts of vandalism, traffic mishaps, or breaking into private property (home or automobile), please call 9-1-1 immediately and give all your information to the Plano Police Department officers.

Then send an email to us at COHA@digichamber.com  about the ongoing Crime Watch activity within our Chase Oaks Community. When your information reported to the Plano Police leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the crime or vandalism, COHA will give you a $ 300 cash reward for your involvement in helping to make Chase Oaks a better place to live.

Thanks go out to COHA board member, Jimmy Dismuke, for this useful idea.

 Crime Watch Alert

Numerous reports from Stoney Point Drive of cars being ransacked when the doors were left unlocked.

Several neighbors reported having change and other items taken on multiple occasions from the same vehicle.

Lock your Car Doors at Night

Crime Watch Tips

As a reminder, the Plano Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers a free home assessment, looking at your home through the eyes of the bad guys.  The trained police officer then makes easy to implement recommendations to prevent your home from being targeted and reducing the chances the bad guy(s) can get into your home if it is targeted.  

Upon confirmation its recommendations have been implemented, your home will be listed with the State of TX's insurance folks as implementing all the recommendations, resulting in a lower homeowner insurance policy with come insurance companies.  The inspection takes about an hour, but need an appointment is needed to be made. 

You can make your appointment by calling Officer Christopher Bianez at 972-941-2437.