FAQ Section for Saturday, June 13th --- Chase Oaks Garage Sale Event

Why a Garage Sale in June?

Hopefully the heavy rain has ended and everyone’s yards have dried up enough to allow our new date to work for a successful event. June 13th works as it falls before Father’s Day and the Fourth of July holiday week.

By having the COHA Board handle the promotion and advertising for a community garage sale, we will be able to significantly increase the number of potential buyers to visit your front yard sale. Participating neighbors have reported terrific results from the previous six years on the designated Saturday for Chase Oaks.

Is my family required to hold our individual garage sale on June 13, 2015 with our Chase Oaks neighbors?

No, you may choose your own dates throughout the year that best fits your schedule and complies with the City of Plano guidelines / ordinances for garage sales. (Limit to three sales per year per household.)

Is there a central location or gathering point for everyone wishing to participate in the Chase Oaks sale?

No, there is not a central location. It is recommended that individual families hold their sale on their own front yard to avoid clogging the back alley way entrances to individual driveways. Teaming up with your neighbors to hold a bigger sale in a front yard worked well for numerous families in the past.


Where do I get a garage sale permit from the City of Plano for June 13th?

We have been told by the City that your May 30th permit remains in effect for the June 13th date and garage sale. Of course, you will require a permit if you did not apply for one for the May 30th date.

Your permit from the city is FREE by applying online at http://egov.plano.gov/garagesales/Default.aspx  to fill out an application. Doing so will automatically add your address to the listings available on the www.plano.gov  site where persons who are seeking to find week-end garage sales within the Plano city limits can find your address– which is also free advertising.


You may also personally visit Plano City Hall at 1520 Avenue K to apply in person.

Eric & Susan Chamberlain / COHA Presidents / COHA@digichamber.com

Need a 2015 Sticker

or Yard Sign?

Email COHA@digichamber.com

Vandalism at the Front Entrance

An interesting situation has arisen at the Chase Oaks front entrance as the landscaping crew has found drug paraphernalia behind the two Magnolia trees facing Chase Oaks Boulevard.

The theory is that some teen age kids (who are either too young to drive or do not have a car) use the small space as a hideout away from their parents. The drug paraphernalia included two syringes, empty prescription bottles, and a broken bong. There was even an extension cord that was used to supply electricity over to the space. All of the wiring was cut to the old landscape lighting in the area around December. A full report was filed with the Plano Police Department.

With warm spring weather finally here, please keep an eye out for any activity behind the Magnolia trees facing Chase Oaks Boulevard as you enter or leave the neighborhood. All of the landscape lighting which had been cut or damaged was replaced with new fixtures and wiring at a cost to COHA of $ 1,200.00 on March 17th.

If you see anyone trespassing or loitering behind the Magnolia trees at the front entrance, simply call 911 to report the suspicious activity to the Plano Police Department.

If the lights at the front entrance are out, please send me a note.

We appreciate your help.

Eric Chamberlain
COHA President



 Twice a Week Watering Effective May 1, 2015

Water restrictions are being adjusted in light of recent rains and increases in lake levels.

Conservation is still needed. Beginning May 1, customers may water up to two times per week, if watering is needed. Watering with sprinklers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is still prohibited. Watering on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday is not allowed. Subscribe to weekly watering recommendations by visiting the Water My Yard website.

The best practice is simply to not water when rain has just occurred or is expected.

ODD Addresses: Tuesday and Friday

EVEN Addresses: Monday and Thursday

Newly installed landscapes may be granted a 30-day water variance upon approval. Variances are not required for filling pools.


P.O. Box 260728 *   Plano, Texas 75026-0728   *   (972) 517-8852

February 3, 2015

The annual Chase Oaks Homeowners Association (COHA) membership dues for 2015 will be $ 100 per household. This equals a household dues charge of just $ 8.33 a month which places COHA as one of the least expensive HOAs in Collin County.

This is the first annual dues increase for COHA since 2009. The Officers and Board members have done an excellent job of keeping our expenses under control for the last five years. Inflation has finally caught up with us as our costs for landscaping maintenance, insurance, water utilities, electrical costs, invoicing, and the web site have increased dramatically. COHA officers and board members continue serve in a voluntary capacity and do not receive any form of monetary compensation.

In 2015, COHA has plans to address and fix the lighting at the front entrance. We are also studying the available options for the removal of the old and diseased red tip photenia bushes which face Chase Oaks Boulevard. Replacing the Foster Holly Trees which died during the last three summers of the ongoing drought is a priority this year.

The COHA annual operating budget will be placed online by March 25th for review and approval by the entire Chase Oaks community. Also online, you will find the current listing for all current officers and board members as well as other important information.

The Chase Oaks email blasts keep our community informed with Crime Watch bulletins, Lost Pet Alerts, and important neighborhood news announcements. There are several homes not receiving these bulletins. We would appreciate you sending in your correct email address.

We welcome your feedback and ideas about our ongoing efforts to keep our Chase Oaks home values high and safe for all of your family members.

Please email us at COHA@digichamber.com .

Eric & Susan Chamberlain
COHA Co-Presidents
7612 Stoney Point Drive


2015 Front Entrance Update

  • Replaced all of the older landscape lighting in March with new energy efficient LED light fixtures installed by Nite FX Lighting (214-440-1015).

  • The Red Tip Photenia bushes were heavily cut back all along Chase Oaks Boulevard in March by Dragons Landscaping (214-607-5871).

  • The next project will involve the planting of twelve new Foster Holly Trees and Nellie R. Stevens bushes along with new hardwood mulch for the entire area. The summer flowers will be planted in May. The bidding process for this project is currently underway.

We welcome your ideas and feedback.