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 September 30, 2011

Tim Dentler, Director of Allen Parks and Recreation Department

Peter Vargas, Allen City Manager

Jeff Holt, Chase Oaks General Manager

 On behalf of the COHA Board and Chase Oaks homeowners, we want to thank you for your time in meeting with us. Everyone from the Chase Oaks Board and homeowners in attendance agreed that it was a productive and beneficial meeting. Our hats are off to of the Weibring / Wolfard Golf Design Group. Steve Wolfard and Josh Peters did an excellent job in presenting the renovation plan and in answering our questions.


 ·         New # 8 hole / Old number 17

              An improved wider fairway and new trees planted (right of the tees) will be a welcome renovation for the affected homeowners with golf safety nets to the right of the hole.

Note: A new pro tee box adds some forty yards to the hole while bringing homes on Sunkist without nets (directly next to the current tee boxes) into range of tee shots off the new tee box. The four affected homeowners do have concerns about the new tee box that they have talked with us about.

 ·         New # 10 / Old number 15

 The tee boxes moved to the left closer to the current dormant sidewalk will give golfers a better line for their tee shot. Coupled with the removal of the right bunker and several pecan trees at the corner, these changes should help to decrease the number of golf balls hitting the homeowners’ back yards.

Note: The proposed Plano trail connection along this hole will receive the majority of the hooked tee shots directly onto the new ten foot path directly into the trail users’ traffic. This problem will also manifest itself on “new #3 / old number ten” with sliced tee shots going directly into the filled in pond and onto the proposed ten foot wide trail path into the trail users.


·         New # 11 / Old number 8

 The new Par three is a much appreciated change for these Water Oak homeowners.


·         New # 12 / Old number 8

 The new pond with a water recirculation system should prevent mosquitoes from breeding directly behind the back yard fence lines.

Note: The predominant south wind will push tee shots into the homeowners’ back yards that do not have golf safety nets.


·         New # 13 / Old number 1

 This new Par four should be especially pleasing for the homeowners at the 175 to 225 yard mark on the old number one.


·         New # 14 / Old number 2

 Note: Converting this hole to a new Par five layout will be most problematic of all the hole changes. These homes along Stoney Point were built between 1994 and 1996 without any golf safety net protection.


Note: There are several numerous large trees at the current 240 yard mark, the 160 yard mark, and at the 80 yard mark that are dying and need attention as they serve as an important barrier for golf balls.

 NOTE: When the 220 new trees are planted throughout the course, please take into consideration planting the new trees on the property lines between the houses. Done properly, the new trees will not block the all important golf course views which the homeowners paid as much as a $ 45,000 premium to have when they purchased their family home.  Accurate placement of the new trees will at the same time provide much needed protection for the homeowners throughout the new Chase Oaks Golf Course.


One comment after the meeting was “Allen is spending every nickel according to the original “Master Plan” for the complete renovation of the thirty year old course”.

 We will be happy to report to the entire Chase Oaks community via our online newsletter that the City of Allen is starting a nine million dollar renovation which will make Chase Oaks an asset for Allen. The new Chase Oaks Golf Course will prove to be a real benefit to the homeowners’ property values over the next thirty years.

 Tim, if there is a letter from the city warning the public of the hazards during the construction process, we will be happy to post it online and to send it out to the neighborhood via an email blast.

 Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance or help you get in contact with homeowners during the construction phase.



 Eric Chamberlain

COHA President



Water Oak Drive and Hole #8


The City of Allen has officially given us good news on September 15th. Allen has approved of our proposal to convert hole #8 from a Par Five to a Par Three.

Beginning Friday, September 17th, hole #8 is being played as a Par Three from about 155 yards on the left side of the fairway (opposite the back yard of 640 Water Oak). Back yard parties have been occurring up and down Water Oak.

The changing of the hole layout will mean there will be no more golf balls hit into the property of 27 of the 31 homes located on both sides of Water Oak. The homes closest to the #8 green will see half as many golf balls hit in their yards with the hole being played from 155 yards.

If you see golfers playing ignoring the new signage, scorecards,  and fairway ropes to play hole #8 as a Par Five (old habits), please call the Golf course Pro Shop at 214-509-4653  to let them know of the offending golfers. Catching the cart number (located on the back fender of the golf cart) before you call the Pro Shop will be a big help to the Chase Oaks personnel who will chase down those golfers.

This solution with the City of Allen is the result of good timing, a win – win compromise, and the simple execution of a negotiating strategy focused on the safety of all concerned.

 Special recognition and thanks go out to Glenn Carter, Dave Gegg, Robert Buss, Dave White, and Billy Lane for their input, ideas, and support.

We appreciate everyone’s emails, phone calls, and the beneficial front yard discussions held over the last two weeks with somany of the homeowners on Water Oak. Sixteen homeowners took the time to send detailed emails to Jeff Holt to explain their plight from the daily golf balls coming onto their property and to express their personal gratitude for the City’s decision.

Jeff Holt, Chase Oaks Golf General Manager, was a strong advocate for the Water Oak homeowners’ situation in regard to their personal safety during these meetings.

We also owe thanks and our appreciation to Peter H. Vargas, Allen City Manager, Tim Dentler, Director of the Allen Parks Department, and Lori Smeby, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation for their support and for expediting the decision making process with the Allen City Council and the office of the Allen Mayor.  We wish the City success in completing the renovation of the golf course in 2012.