2011 Chase Oaks Dues Invoice

Due Date: January 1, 2011                                            Invoice # 2011

Please complete and return your 2011 Annual Homeowner Membership Dues Payment of $ 75.00 to the address below.

Do we have the wrong name(s) at your address, or the right one(s) but spelled incorrectly?  Sending in your payment along with this dues invoice to the address below will enable us to fix any errors in our data base.  Thank you!

FIRST NAME(s):______________________________________________

LAST NAME(s):______________________________________________

First name(s) of residing children:______________________________

Address_____________________________________   Plano, TX, 75025

Phone # ____________________________________________________

Email Address:_______________________________________________


Are you interested in sharing your talents and working with your neighbors to improve our community? YES_____ No______

If you marked “YES”, an email (or letter) will be sent to you with further information about the activities that COHA is working on for 2011. 

Or you can go to www.chaseoaksplano.com to learn more.



P.O. Box 260728    Plano, Texas 75026-0728


Send your email questions to eechamberlain@digichamber.com