FAQ Section for Saturday, October 14 ---

Chase Oaks Community Garage Sale Event

Why a Garage Sale in October?

By having the COHA Board handle the promotion and advertising for a community garage sale, we will be able to significantly increase the number of potential buyers to visit your front yard sale. Participating neighbors have reported successful results from the previous six years on the designated Saturday for Chase Oaks.

Is my family required to hold our individual garage sale on Oct 14, 2017 with our Chase Oaks neighbors?

No, you may choose your own dates throughout the year that best fits your schedule and complies with the City of Plano guidelines / ordinances for garage sales.

Is there a central location or gathering point for everyone wishing to participate in the Chase Oaks sale?

No, there is not a central location. It is recommended that individual families hold their sale on their own front yard to avoid clogging the back alley way entrances to individual driveways. Teaming up with your neighbors to hold a bigger sale in a front yard has worked well for numerous families in the past.


Where do I get a garage sale permit from the City of Plano for my family for October 14, 2017?

Your permit from the city is FREE by applying online at https://ecop.plano.gov/GarageSales/ to fill out an application. Doing so will automatically add your address to the listings available on the www.plano.gov  site where persons who are seeking to find week-end garage sales within the Plano city limits can find your address– which is also free advertising.


You may also personally visit Plano City Hall at 1520 Avenue K to apply in person.

Eric & Susan Chamberlain / COHA Presidents