We know how much our pets mean to us and we want to recognize all Chase Oaks residents! 

Send us a picture of your pet along with his or her name, breed, age, address and an "if found" contact name and phone along with anything else you'd like us to know about them. We decided that this would be beneficial given the number of lost pets we've featured on this site that have been successfully returned to their loving owners. We'll proudly display them here!


Age: 5 Years Old, 

Breed: Pekingese eleven pounds, light brown w/ white markings

Nickname: “Momma’s Boy”

Contact: Susan Chamberlain 972-517-8852 or Eric Chamberlain 214-460-5975



Breed: ½ Chow and ½ Weimaraner

Color: Black

Contact: Chris and Stephanie Andries





Breed: Maltese
Age: 3 years old
Color: White
Answers to: Elle or Pups
Friendly to anyone, barks excitedly when seeing someone new
Contact: Alex Manrique 281-610-0943
Carissa Manrique 832-344-7441

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Breed: Schnauzer

Color: Grey and White

Nickname: Little Lou or Louie

Contact: Lori Deslarzes



Breed: Border Collie
Color: Black and white
Nickname: Allie
Contact Lori Deslarzes 214-734-0489

Jackson Zuffinetti

Age: 6 Years Old

Breed:  Pitt Bull-Stafford Terrier Mix, 60 lbs., white with black spots

Answers to: Jackson

Jackson is very friendly with all people and children. Loves to give kisses and sit on your lap to get pet. He is an explorer, so he tends to be wondering around the neighborhood if he manages to get out of the front yard!!!

Contact:  Brittney Zuffinetti 76.219.4641 or John Zuffinetti 619.208.0388


Zoey Zuffinetti

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Pit Bull- Stafford Terrier Mix, 60 lbs, Tan and white chest. 

Answers to: Zoey and also to ZoZo. 

Zoey is also very friendly with all people and children. Enjoys snuggling and is very obedient. 

Contact: Brittney Zuffinetti 76.219.4641 or John Zuffinetti 619.208.0388