Social Media Apps

And they are all free!

COHA is utilizing chaseoaks as a social media app for our neighborhood to communicate directly with one another to share information from contractor recommendations to getting alerts out immediately about missing family pets. You can also list items that you want to get out of your house or want to offer for sale. COHA has begun using this app to announce community news, events, and Crime Watch Bulletins. Yes, NextDoor is free.

Go to for access to our neighborhood web site which serves as a bulletin board for all the happenings going on within Chase Oaks. New for 2017 is a section containing the important Homeowner Documents for download pertaining to the “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.”

Have a broken sidewalk in front of your home or pot holes on your street? Go to to submit your request, which the City of Plano will address in less than two weeks.

Repair requests for outages or repairs to street lights can be reported quickly at the web site, . It is an easy to use web site which allows you to report the problem on the exact street light pole located in front of your house.